The Sun Violates Google’s AdSense Programme Policy – So Why Aren’t They Banned?

Time and time again The Sun’s website have been in violation of Google’s advertising policy here , so why is it that they are able to continue to run Google’s adverts on their site?

Google Adsense guidelines
Google’s AdSense Policy Guidelines

So from the above screenshot, we’d particularly like to highlight the following elements of the policy:

Pornography, adult or mature content

It doesn’t take us long to find the following content on The Sun’s website:

Adult adverts on The Sun website

Ads on The Sun

The Sun ad for Netflix

Google ads on The Sun

Adult ads on The Sun

Sex ads on The Sun

So my question is, does the above content not impinge on the topic of Pornography, adult or mature content? By mature content it’s likely meant that it’s not suitable for children… so how does any of the above imagery not break the above policy guidelines?

Even by looking at the Google AdSense blog we find them giving the following advice regarding the placement of your ads:

Google guidelines

We imagine that Google’s response will be that The Sun aren’t members of the Google AdSense scheme, and that they’re actually on some kind of private-publisher arrangement, but if that is the case then why don’t the same rules apply to their own content – why don’t other publishers get the same treatment? Is it simply down to the greed of Google – The Sun generates so many page views, therefore generates many millions of impressions and clicks on their ads, and thus generating more money for Google?
Hopefully we’ll receive a response when we contact Google, but we won’t hold our breath…

Want to get involved? Continue to take screenshots of any ads you see on the likes of TheSun’s website (ideally where adult content, or content which violates their AdSense policy is visible) and then share it on social media. Remember to include us with our @dontfundhate Twitter handle!

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