The RSPB pulls ads from right-wing, global-warming hoax sites

Great news to report – the UK’s largest nature conservation charity the RSPB yesterday tweeted us to say that they will no longer display their Google ads on the likes of certain right wing extremist and global-warming denier websites.

This comes after Don’t Fund Hate tweeted the RSPB to make them aware of their likely unknown blunder. The RSPB responded that this was a likely algorithm error with the setup of their online ads, and that they will indeed be blacklisting the “hateful” sites we’d made them aware of.

Right wing ads

RSPB ads on global warming site

An excellent response by the RSPB which was made within 24 hours of our initial tweet. Again, we’d like to stress that when ads are being displayed on sites of a hateful nature, 9 out of 10 times the brand in question will be completely unaware that their ads will be appearing on these types of sites due to the way the Google Display Network, and Google AdWords (the advertising platform) is configured. Default campaigns with minimal adjusted settings will include such sites as, so it’s important to later add these negative placements if you’re wary of damaging your brand.

A big thank you again to the RSPB for showing other brands how to deal quickly and effectively with this!

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