The Sun Violates Google’s AdSense Programme Policy – So Why Aren’t They Banned?

Adult ads on The Sun

Time and time again The Sun’s website have been in violation of Google’s advertising policy here , so why is it that they are able to continue to run Google’s adverts on their site?

Google Adsense guidelines
Google’s AdSense Policy Guidelines

So from the above screenshot, we’d particularly like to highlight the following elements of the policy:

Pornography, adult or mature content

It doesn’t take us long to find the following content on The Sun’s website:

Adult adverts on The Sun website
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Google funding the Sandy Hook hoax websites

Google ads Sandy Hook

There’s been a lot of movement on social media and in the news today regarding Sandy Hook, the Elementary School shooting in which 20 children died in 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. The reason for the revival of this tragic event? The fact that Alex Jones, the Infowars conspiracy theorist, has been interviewed by NBC anchor Megyn Kelly.

The decision to give any kind of airtime and stage for the likes of Alex Jones to vent his theories, on such a mainstream platform such as NBC, has rightly angered many people – including those families of the victims, as you’d imagine. JP Morgan Chase have pulled their adverts from NBC News until after the interview gets aired on 18th June, and many other organisations (and people) have announced their outrage at the network’s channel to allow the interview to air.

Reverting back to the Google Display Network, as we often do here at Don’t Fund Hate, we can find many “Sandy Hook hoax” websites which are continuing to spread the word that the tragedy was indeed a hoax, as some part of a wider conspiracy theory. These websites were all accepted onto the Google Display Network, and which are all generating advertising revenue thanks to Google.
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