Don’t Fund Hate is a voluntary group which aims to discourage big brands, businesses and ultimately people from helping to fund hateful media publications. We aim to raise awareness of businesses activities which are helping to generate revenue for these fear-mongering, often right-wing media organisations, hopefully encouraging people to make their voices heard and to help put pressure on businesses to stop funding hate.


The RSPB pulls ads from right-wing, global-warming hoax sites

Great news to report – the UK’s largest nature conservation charity the RSPB yesterday tweeted us to say that they will no longer display their Google ads on the likes of certain right wing extremist and global-warming denier websites. Hi, this is an algorithm mistake – these have been added to our blocked list, thank …

The Sun Violates Google’s AdSense Programme Policy – So Why Aren’t They Banned?

Time and time again The Sun’s website have been in violation of Google’s advertising policy here , so why is it that they are able to continue to run Google’s adverts on their site? Google’s AdSense Policy Guidelines So from the above screenshot, we’d particularly like to highlight the following elements of the policy: Pornography, …